About - Bushcraft



Every bushcrafter has his own definition of bushcraft, although these are often very similar. The definition of bushcraft according to Liv'n Nature is: "living in nature in a primitive, but comfortable way, by using nature as much as possible." Bushcraft consists of the four themes 'water', 'food', 'shelter' and 'fire', simply because those four are indispensable if you want to survive in nature comfortably. Fire provides you with so many things within the other themes, that it is considered as a separate theme. Besides this, some bushcrafters see the skills for making primitive tools as a separate theme.

'Nature experience'

Liv'n Nature likes to combine bushcraft with 'nature experience': there are many special things to see once you're in nature and it would be a shame to not pay attention to them. Also, these experiences can help you survive in the forest, for example by understanding what type of food is available in the forest and where this is.


Nature experience is for Liv'n Nature:

Dit zijn allemaal vaardigheden die je zeker kunnen helpen op je bushcraft tocht en die bij veel van onze workshops aan bod komen.

These are all skills that can definitely help you on your bushcraft journey and that are treated at many of our workshops.