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The workshops that we currently offer are:

Do you want to organise a bushcraft activity in nature for your association, department, team or group of friends? And do you have specific program wishes? Then you can also opt for a Custom Workshop.

The workshops cover a number of key techniques to survive in a primitive way in nature. But these are not all the important techniques that are needed for that. Consider collecting water and building your shelter. With these subjects Liv'n Nature also has a lot of experience, but we find it important to offer you only techniques within topics in which we stand "above the matter." In other words, with the techniques in the workshops currently offered, we have built routine during our own tours. We also have often given these workshops.

Target group and locations

Liv'n Nature offers workshops for everyone starting at the age of 12. (So far we have guided participants of between 9 and 75 years old.) Are you under 18, then some additional conditions apply, see the Terms and Conditions. The regular workshops can be given anywhere in the Netherlands, but take place mainly in the provinces of Utrecht, Gelderland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg and the Belgian Ardennes. Custom Workshops can be given anywhere in the Netherlands and Belgium where a sufficiently large nature area is located.


When learning a technique, it is of course very important that you are going to practice a lot, besides explanation and an example of a technique. This applies to bushcraft techniques even more than usual.

All workshops of Liv'n Nature are therefore built in the form of central explanation - example in practice - guided practice or doing an assignment. (Only the workshop 'Finding Edible Plants' deviates from this approach, since the purpose of this workshop is to show you as many edible plants and fungi as possible and to give you a clear picture what you would have to pay attention to if you would want to collect them yourself.) In many workshops, the "leave no trace" concept is shortly discussed. According to Liv'n Nature, in bushcraft this mainly is about leaving as little traces as possible (also for example of your campfire) and not unnecessary bothering the flora & fauna. A nice side effect of bushcrafting in this way, is that you will feel even more at home in the woods.

Is the workshop that you want to follow not in the Agenda? You can also sign up for the non-obligating workshop announcements. In this way, you will be one of the first to know about them.

Does a friend or family member with an interest in nature celebrate his or her anniversary soon? Consider giving a gift voucher for a bushcraft workshop.