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Workshops in English

First of all, thank you for your interest in the Liv'n Nature bushcraft workshops! International participants are very welcome to join our workshops. Our instructors master the English language and they are experienced in giving workshops in English. Therefore we can organize workshops given completely in English. In case participants of the workshop are mixed language speakers, explanations will be summarized in English. Of course, we can also help you in English whilst you are practising. If you have any questions about our workshops, please, contact us.

As of November 2014, the English webpages are not updated anymore: you can still use this English website, but new pages are missing. This especially concerns new workshop types, workshop announcements, workshop descriptions, news and pictures.


What Liv'n Nature does

Liv'n Nature gives workshops about bushcraft. Each workshop takes place in the forest, where you will receive explanations, where we will give you tangible examples and where you will practice or make your own bushcraft tools. During the workshops, where possible a link is made with nature experience. For example think about explanation why that tree species is located at that spot. Or we'll demonstrate another primitive skill that is related to the topic. For more information, see the 'workshops' page.


Our goal

The goal is to teach you about knowledge and to let you experience skills for a nature experience in a broader sense. Because of this, you will experience your next hike in the forest or camping activity as more interesting or more beautiful. For example, you can forget about some vegetables sold at supermarkets, because you have learnt with which wild plants you can replace them. Eventually, routine with the techniques leads to you being able to survive in nature with only a few modern tools. The more dependant you make yourself of nature, the more discoveries you make, the more intense you'll experience nature...


The workshops currently on offer are displayed in the Agenda. Are you interested, but you don't want to subscribe to a workshop right now? Consider to subscribe to our English newsletter and/or workshop-announcements (without any obligation).

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